Monday, February 15, 2010


I have not posted anything in a while. Matti has changed so much over the past few months. She is really talking a lot and making some complete sentances as well as still saying a lot of things I still do not understand. She is definitely a little girl now and I miss that baby so much. She is so independent. She wants to do everything by herself. We started having some sleep issues again. For a while she was waking up having nightmares and talking about monsters, but that has seemed to stop for now. She was waking up several times at night calling me for. Finally she has started sleeping through the night again, but calls me to her room several times before she falls asleep.
I signed her up for a gymnastics class through daycare that is on Mondays and she absolutely loves it. She loves to dance around the house. She especially loves to listen to music, sing, and a combo of playing her piano and sing. I think I just may have a little actress on my hands. She loves to tell me she is a "Rina" (Ballirina) and she will run around the house kicking her leg in the air with her tutu on.

Here are a few videos of Matti over the past few weeks.

Playing Piano and singing

Matti playing in the snow this past weekend

Matti dancing around in her tutu she got for Christmas from her Auntie Jenn...she loves it

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